You Have An Offer

“So here I am to worship; Here I am to bow down. Here I am to say that You’re my God.”  These were the words from this song touching my heart and lips today, as God was filling my “blessing basket.”  I have shared in my previous blogs, I have prayed and trusted God for almost five years, for a buyer for my home. I’ve had countless realtors and some way too-low offers, but I knew God would sell my home in His time.

I previously shared the words of my pastor, “we can’t change God’s plans and we certainly can’t stop Him when He begins His work.” A couple months ago, I felt God’s hand beginning to work when I sold my much-loved China cabinet.  I realized when God provided me a new home, it would be smaller than my current and the beautiful piece of furniture would be too large. As with my home, it had taken awhile to sell. The buyer was thrilled, as was I. I was sad to see it leave, as it was a part of many family holidays and special occasions.  Nonetheless, like other aspects of my life, that was then-and-this is now.

Another situation showed God’s hand in my life. The very day I was purchasing a car to replace my beloved VW beetle convertible which was totaled in an accident last summer I received a call- buyers desired to return with an offer. I chose not to purchase the car as it would have required costly expenses to relocate and taxed again when moving to another state. The potential buyer chose not to purchase my home, but God had been in the details of all events that day.

A couple days ago, I awakened with what I believed would be a routine day. “But God!” I received not one, but two requests for my house to be shown. Within minutes of the first arrival, the realtor telephoned with an offer, but it was too low. I knew God had the right buyer, with the right price. I never imagined the very next showing would result in an accepted contract.

Why should I be surprised? Aren’t God’s ways far too perplexing to us? Not only did God bring me His buyers, but they are the kindest people I could have imagined. Last night a lovely card of grateful sentiments and a beautiful floral arrangement arrived at my door; thanking me for accepting their contract without changes.  Both the buyers and I realized God was truly in the details on this transaction. I had no desire to change what God ordained.

I have reflected God’s rationale in not allowing my house to sell earlier. I have realized I met people I might never have met, but the greatest gift was the revelation of why my marriage dissolved; my then husband’s love for another. I would not have known this, had I sold my house in my time, rather than God’s. So, the words of the song are powerful to me, “You’re my God.” Jer. 29:11 NIV, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you…”

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