Pomp and Circumstance

Pomp and Circumstance fill the air throughout the country as college and high graduates embark on the next step of their life’s journey. My family has been privileged to celebrate such accomplishments with three of my six grandchildren. My daughter’s eldest son graduated summa cum laude from a university as the top graduate in chemistry. At age 21, he will soon begin another chapter of his educational aspirations as he enters a PhD program in chemistry. Her second eldest son also graduated with honors as the top student and valedictorian from his local high school.

Whereas, each of these graduations were joyful and tearful, so too was the graduation of my son’s eldest daughter from her local high school. However, the exultation was also filled with tears of sorrow. As her maternal grandparents reflected upon memories of her as a child, teen and now a young woman entering a new world, I was never fortunate enough to share in those memories. Because I have been estranged from or had an extremely strained relationship with my son for over 25 years, I was not involved in his two daughter’s lives.  I’ve spent all these years apologizing for and seeking forgiveness on offenses I never knew I committed. My son was a blessing I prayed for and was thrilled to receive. Not having him and his family in my life has been a great sadness.

Now, as my granddaughter leaves home, I continue to pray I will be permitted to know the beautiful child whom became a lovely young woman. God knows the very depths of my heart. I trust He will restore that which has been withheld from me. Matt. 7:7 NIV, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find…”

Would You Turn Back The Clock?

Would you love to turn back the clock to where your life was before “whatever”; before your children left home, before you lost that job, before you lost your parents or other loved ones, before your mate left you for someone else, or countless other things in our lives which we don’t want to live? As pastors say often, if we knew what the future held for us, would we do what God desires of us or go where He leads us? However, none of us are given that opportunity. As we all know, today is tomorrow’s past. As we go to bed tonight, today will be history. It will merely be a memory. If we are God’s children, do we allow our todays to count for Him, or do we wish we could “turn back the clock” to another time? We can’t change what others say and do to us. However, we can all make our days and memories count for something, for someone and always for a purpose. Romans 8:28 (NKJV) And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.

Joy Comes In The Morning

I know some of you received the sentiments one year ago, “2018 will be your year.” As we close out this year and begin anew, I know for many of us it was not what we could have called “our year”. As I learned the reality of the abandonment of my ex-husband of 44 years, it brought more sorrow than I believed I could endure; infidelity. I was betrayed a second time; the first when he left me 6 years ago and the second when I learned of his long-term affair, which began while married and hidden from me. With knowledge of his infidelity he was most happy to tout of his love for her, the trips and times together they share. I have shed more tears these past 8 months than I have shed in my entire life. How grateful I am for God’s promise in Psa. 30:5”…weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning. May each of you have joy for all of 2019.

Giving Is A Gift, But So Too Is Receiving

Over 25 years ago I began a book entitled, The Gift of Giving and Gratitude. Life happened, and the book still lies in a file drawer, unpublished and incomplete. However, having attended countless writer’s groups, workshops and seminars, as well as being a member of local writing organizations, I’ve learned that we can reach an audience from blogs. Thus, the first day and the first page of what I trust will be a daily “read”  for years to come. Feel free to share your stories with us, the audience; the readers.  Do you have a special gift of giving to others? Did you receive a gift which is  is beyond measure? Was it a gift from one’s heart or merely one’s wallet or both. Because my life would not be possible without my faith, then my gifts of gratitude  are always based upon I Thess. 5:18: In every thing give thanks…..