Stitches of Love

As I pulled away from Children’s Hospital today, my heart was once again filled with gratefulness that I could be a part of doing and giving to others. Once a month, a group of us gals gather with our sewing machines, sergers, cutting boards, rotary cutters, irons, ironing boards, smiles, laughter, loving and happy hearts to make pillowcases for the youngest patients; those at Children’s Hospital in Oklahoma City. We then rotate the delivery of these heartwarming cases.

This foundation, was begun by a mom whom herself lost her child to cancer when he was a teen. She realized that having a bright, happy, pillowcase each time he had to go to the hospital added a small ray of sunshine to otherwise dreary events. This organization is now a nationwide foundation, making hundreds of pillowcases for thousands of children.

Our local chapter is one of the most active in the country and we have received several monetary donations because of our abundance of time and devotion for these precious children. In addition to the time our group spends together, there are dozens of other women in our state, making pillow cases and bringing them to us.  I began sewing with this group years ago. Life doesn’t always permit that I can meet with them monthly, but when I do, no matter the challenges and heartaches I walk in with, I truly leave with “cases and smiles.” While sewing for children whom may never see another week, month or year of life, it puts a new perspective on what we value

Because our sewing is a day’s event, we share lunch as a “team.”  Today as one of the fellow sewers was sharing of her child being hospitalized when he was young, she began crying.  Her son had a minor surgery, while the family in the bed next to his was losing their child. Life is truly so fragile, and it is for this very reason that I have struggled so immensely with the demise of my own marriage and family.

Whether sewing, knitting, crocheting or making anything with one’s hands to give to another, it is done with much love and mindfulness. The only two quilts I have completed were both given to my then husband.  One of the quilts I gave him was after he left me, but in commemoration of our betrothal and marriage.  I was humiliated and disparaged when I realized with every cut and stitch, that quilt was filled with love and prayers for him; yet even while his wife, his heart and life were with another.  Acts 20:35 NKJ, “…And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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