An Any Way Day

As our pastor noted recently, we are a “I want” society. We order our coffee the way we desire it.  We request sandwiches with organic veggies on gluten free bread, using free range meat or poultry, hold the mayo, add organic mustard. For the majority of persons, such orders are not reality, but merely spoken in jest. However,  the list goes on and on for our food to be prepared exactly as we ordered it.  As he shared, if we don’t receive what we desire, we are prompt in voicing our concern. Aside from severe food allergies what happens if something we ordered isn’t exactly correct?

I imagine all of us can say at one time or the other we feel we deserve things “our way.” Why do we believe our way is the “only way?” Over the years, as my life has been filled with more challenges, I’ve realized that when we don’t always have things “our way” it can be a blessing. It may be a food order, or perhaps a service you ordered was not provided as promised. What about the appliance or furniture item you purchased and scheduled to be delivered? Upon arrival, it was broken or not the correct item.  Those miscalculations might give us the opportunity to try something new, save money or maybe even receive an unexpected benefaction.

Do you honestly believe the person making the error did that to upset you? Do we view such situations as an error or assault against us?  Why would the average person knowingly choose to offend a customer? Not only would they have the customer’s wrath, but most probably that of their superior.

Have you ever considered stepping back in time 60, 70 or perhaps even 100 years ago? There was one kind of coffee; black. You could add milk or sugar, but there were no fancy coffee shops. If you dined in a restaurant, you ordered what was on the menu; no ordering it “your way.”  You ate what was ordered “their way” or went hungry.  When you shopped for appliances or furniture, there were few basic choices; unless you were among the wealthy whom could have it “their way.”

What if each of us had an “any way” day; a day that we focused more on others and less on ourselves; the day we said, “anything goes ”.  What If you had to dine on cuisine which was not your favorite or visit someplace which was not among your top ten or even do something that day that you had no desire to do? Do you think you would have gained a gift? If you removed “me”, replacing it with “you”, you may receive gifts far greater than money can ever purchase.  Isaiah 55:8 NIV, “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways.”

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