Smokin’ Hot

It was going to be a good day. I had awakened early and had pulled from my drive before 7:30 a.m. to begin three days of intensive training for the local domestic violence center. Entering the highway, I had driven only a few miles when there was a blaring, unfamiliar noise and a simultaneous thumping.  Yes, it must have been a flat tire. If so, I was exasperated as I had been a customer at the tire shop only weeks prior for two new tires and informed by the tire shop experts, the other two had “miles to go” before they needed to be replaced.

As I was realizing I needed to pull off the highway, a kind gentleman was honking and waving at me, pointing to the rear of my car. As I peered over my right shoulder, black smoke was clouding my view of the otherwise brilliant blue sky. Yes, I must get off the highway immediately. Fortunately, the next exit would be a “safe haven” until I could seek help from my roadside assistance program.

When I drove my car into the parking lot of a convenience store, my tire was not merely flat; it appeared to have been processed for a “flat tire burger”. There is an excellent restaurant in my community with the same name. How delighted I am their burgers are comprised of meat and not “flattened tires.”

I was reminded once again of my former husband’s betrayal and abandonment. As a single, senior, I had no one to telephone, informing them of my predicament; no friends or family to assure me they would come to my aid if the roadside assistance was delayed.  My stress level was high, but I was also most appreciative my “blowout” didn’t cause a critical accident. That would be validated approximately an hour later when the roadside assistance arrived.

I’m grateful I was taking the situation in stride for the man’s emotions and vociferous verbiage would have caused greater anxiety. After he queried me, as to why I hadn’t removed the tire from my trunk and was awaiting him, he was further bewildered as to why the tire was annihilated and not merely flat. He reiterated what I understood when viewing the “blown out” tire. God was with me. I could have been in a serious accident.  I desired only that the emergency be amended so I could continue on my journey to arrive at the training session.

I arrived at the training over an hour late, but remained grateful for days to come that God was with me. I know the incident was inconvenient but was also very blessed God had His loving arms around me. Psalm 46:1 KJV, “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble.”

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