What Glorious Applause

What a beautiful day; dark skies, loud applause of thunder and expeditious rain fall. All were thanks from prayers for endless days of heat without rain.  There is genuinely beauty in all things.  Pilates togs and” tennies” would just have to wait another day. My hectic schedule precluded me from going to the gym this week for my classes and today was no exception.  I was going to savor my coffee in God’s presence.

As I watched the creek behind my house flowing rapidly and freely with His abundant gift of downpour, I was blessed. I reflected on how quickly things change in our lives. Less than eight years ago, I entertained on another patio in a different home for countless friends accompanied by a mate.    Today, I stood alone on the edge of my patio observing the swift waters. The past seven years of my life had been filled with dark and cloudy days, but often void of cool, needed and refreshing rain.

Less than 24 hours previously, the bright sun thrashed my lovely flowers with its’ brilliant rays. Even the daily routine of running my sprinklers and hand watering those fragile beauties, the heat was superior to my assistance. Now I could step back; God was in charge. I watched my struggling flowers lift their heads toward the sky, as they felt the soft drops on their petals. Oh what beauty and what gratefulness!

Like my flora acknowledging their creator for His nourishment today, so too have I been able to lift my eyes and heart to the Lord in gratitude for His gift of trials in my life. For when the rain falls, the drought dissipates, and I am renewed in His splendor. For today I will bask in God’s “sonlight”, be still and enjoy His love for me. Psalm 96: 11-13 NKJ, “Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; Let the sea roar, and all its fullness; Let the field be joyful, and all that is in it. Then all the trees of the woods will rejoice before the Lord.”

2 thoughts on “What Glorious Applause

  1. Love this one! Praying this year brings you all that will allow you have what you need for a positive life going forward. 🙏🏼💗


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