Miles To Go

As I’m reading a book on the different stages of our lives and the prayers during these times, it is seldom that our lives begin and end as a fairy tale. Were our hopes and dreams shattered by circumstances beyond our control?

Three of my six grandchildren are now entering new chapters of their lives; two beginning their undergraduate college studies and one pursuing his advanced degree.  I sent them letters; reminding them of this exciting time, but also a contemplation when they stand on the other side of their life; reflecting to their yesteryears, there will be some exuberant exultations and accomplishments, but also some disappointments. However, when they gave their all, their best, they were victorious.

We hear often, we do the very best we can at the time a situation arises. What was best yesterday or years ago, may seem erroneous as we are standing in the shadows of that time. Nonetheless, it is how we turn the positive and the negative times into opportunities to experience and learn. I never expected to be a single, senior gal, facing life alone. However, this choice was not made by me, but for me. It is now my obligation as God’s child to make it a constructive and optimistic chapter.

I now can give gifts of my time and talents to serve others in my church and community. When married, my focus was on my husband and home. I could spend each day tearfully lamenting my loss, but I choose to find the beauty of those moments.

Marion Stroud cites, “so re-fire me, Lord. Give me a fresh vision of where I am going, and why. Enable me to see what your plan is for this stage of my life and help me to give all I’ve got in the doing of it. If you will lead me on, then surely I will strive with things impossible and get the better of them. “  We can recall also, Robert Frost,” The woods are lovely, dark and deep, But I have promises to keep and miles to go before I sleep.”  Matt. 6:34 NKJ, “Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things…”

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