Only 29 Days!

The falling leaves lie gently on the ground. As I walk, there is a soft crunch beneath my feet. The cool breeze on my face brings a smile to my heart. Fall must be in the air.

 No, it’s the hottest summer I’ve ever experienced. The trees are shedding their leaves due to the extreme heat. It seems no amount of water will prevent the sloughing of their shade. As I stroll across the lawn and feel the crunch of dry lawn and fallen leaves, I’m saddened to know all of nature is struggling.  With weeks of daily 100 plus temperatures and no rain predicted, every day is laborious for all of God’s creations.

As I dash from my car into my home, church or shop, if I can feel a cool breeze from the air conditioner working diligently, I’m grateful. God has blessed anyone that has a comfortable home or work place. For not everyone has such luxuries. Today, as I stood in line at the post office, a homeless lady walked in with a grocery cart filled with her earthly possessions. I wanted to cry out in pity as I viewed her dirty and disheveled clothing and person. I prayed quietly, “God, the temperatures are brutal. I imagine this lady has no cool shelter.”

Perhaps God allows such extreme situations and/or conditions in our lives, so we will be grateful when the temperatures fall and the rain comes. We all know that temperatures and rain are temporal. No matter the season in our lives, God speaks to us. He reminds us that there are better days ahead. Yet, we need to accept today and glean the blessings.

The sign in the coffee shop reminded me that “yes, better days are coming.” PSL arriving in 29 days. I chuckled! Oh my goodness. Pumpkin spice. It seems this seasonal delight is either esteemed or loathed. Nonetheless whatever one’s preference, fall has arrived when pumpkin spice “reins.” I always wondered if it’s the connotation of a “homey and comfortable” time of the year or do people truly love pumpkin spice, a combination of spice and  a vegetable (or to scientists a fruit).

I will eat pumpkin pie, but it isn’t my preference. Yet, I truly savor pumpkin spice coffees. Am I one that is “carried” into a Hallmark movie with a log cabin, burning logs, flannel shirt, soft, cuddly blanket and a pet curled up at my side while I bask in the delight of a chilly night and my cup of pumpkin spice coffee? I must admit- I do often daydream of such delights as I relish my warm cup of this spicy coffee.

Now, I stand in awe-reminded by the sign that I can “dream” of those cooler days ahead in just 29 days! Here in Texas, our calendar doesn’t even consider becoming cooler until November or December. NIV Isaiah 58:11 The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun scorched land…you will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.”

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