History or Legacy?

As I sat reading all the historical events which occurred during the  “Baby Boomer” generation, I thought of my own parents. They were known as the “greatest generation”, enduring WWII and the great depression.  Most of our parents also experienced the historical events which have shaped us, the Baby Boomers. And so it goes! Decade after decade bring about new events and much which will be written in our history books.

Unless it is an astronomical  event such as September 11, 2001, which will imprint us and generations for decades, we seldom acknowledge the changes these occurrences make on our lives; some permanently. None of us can now travel to or from airports without strict regulations which impede our lives.

I recall as a young child riding to Chicago with my parents, solely to watch the large jets “take off” from the tarmac. As a poor family, this was free entertainment for us. We would also enter the gate area and sit  among soon-to-be passengers as we observed the incoming and departing jets. Such actions are now prohibited.

When we recollect historical events, we are often queried, “where were you when this happened?” Most of us readily recall those answers.  Following President Kennedy’s assassination presidential cars are no longer open convertibles, but heavily armored vehicles.

In 1969, the astronomical event of landing and walking on the moon was viewed by thousands of people worldwide. The fall of the Berlin Wall changed not only the lives of German citizens, but opened a pathway for families, friends and tourists around the world. Theirs was now a freedom to visit openly.

It’s unfortunate that mass shootings have become what many term “common place.” For the survivors, families and friends of such heinous  acts of anger and rage, they are changed for a lifetime. Every generation has their “historical events”.  Wars and rumors of wars, nation arising against nation, famines and earthquakes are merely a few of the events noted in the bible.   As bible scholars and Christians, we know these words are scripted of things to come during the “end times.”

But what about our history and/or our end times?  What events from our lives will imprint our friends and family? We have different aspirations. As I’ve often shared, from the time I was a young child, my only goal in life was to be a wife and mother; to cherish a family and be able to do things for them. My aspirations were not ones which would become historical, but they held value for me.  Most of us desire to be remembered in love by friends and family.

I never desired prestige, clout or wealth. I desired only to be as a virtuous woman of the bible; for the imprint of my life to be, that when I was sad, I rejoiced in the Lord. When I encountered difficult times, I turned to God for my strength- no matter what life held for me, I knew God was in the details. Proverbs 31:8 NIV, “Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her.”

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