Do I Feel Guilty?

Many of us today are “hunkered down” in our warm homes, staying in to be safe from “old man winter’s” words that God is still in control of all things, including weather. While we sip hot chocolate, sitting by the fire, life “half a world away” is struggling.

I’m on the e-mail list of seveal of my church’s departments including missions and music.  I know Facebook has posts about today’s events, but these are not people in some far away land; they are just like us. They awakened today to dress and get ready for their day. If parents with children at home, they prepared breakfast and perhaps kissed and hugged their children good-bye as they departed for school. Mom and/or Dad prepared to leave their homes for jobs. Mom may have remained home to complete the days’ chores before her family returned.

Now their lives are shattered. They are living in a war torn community, Kyiv Ukraine. I read the words and viewed the photographs from those in Christian organizations in Ukraine and immediately ceased my day to pray.  When many in our country have disasters or emergencies, there are friends and family members standing with open arms and homes to aid them in their tragedies. If an entire country is being attacked, the “helping hands” are more limited.

We may donate money or goods to assist those in need, but then as we close our checkbooks or place our credit card back into our wallets, we believe we did our part. Yes, we did something, but perhaps we could do more. We may think, those people we just donated funds to are “not like us.” They are “just people” that live elsewhere.

They are like us. They are young, old, rich and poor individauls and families. None of us chose where we were born or who our parents are. We may have been reared with nothing, very little or much. Even our poorest in this country may appear wealthy to those in countries such as Ukraine.

Did I feel guilty as I observed the pictures and e-mails from the missionaries and staff working in organizations in Ukraine trying to help these people? Yes, I did! Not only did I feel guilty, for my petty whining over trivial issues in my life, I stopped and prayed. My small donations to these missionaries and Christian organizations may not make much of a difference, but my prayers can.

You may walk around in your beautiful home or drive off in your lovely car, but please just stop and think about those today that not only don’t have these blessings, but they didn’t ask to be where they are. They were as innocent as each of us would be if our entire country was being attacked. The families which awakened in Kyiv today didn’t know their family might be  killed or injured or their homes destroyed. Sometimes our prayers are the greatest gifts we can give to others. KJV, I Timothy 2:1 “I exhort therefore, that, first of all, supplications, prayers, intercessions, and giving of thanks be made for all men.”

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