What? An Office?

It’s a table-no, it’s a sofa. It definitely is a laundry counter or just a place to “throw objects” which we don’t know what to do with, except at night when we use it for its’ intended purpose; a bed. I know each of you reading this has at one time in your life used your bed as a multi-purpose object.  Yet how often do we stop and thank God for something which is such a stationery element in our home?

When I was living out of the “back end of my car” for four months last year while awaiting God’s timing for me to obtain a house, the bed in my hotel room and air b/b’s became all of the above on several occasions. While watching a documentary recently, I began laughing aloud. The narrator noted his bed became his office and his desk during covid. Wow! Ingenious, sensible or unconventional?

 Whatever the reason, I found it amusing. The narrator proceeded to say, it was just more comfortable and because he was home alone working on his computer, why not just “snuggle in bed and be relaxed?”

For well over five decades, I’ve loved coming in from work, church or running errands and quickly “getting comfy”, which means putting on pajama pants or exercise tights. So perhaps for some, being in  “comfy office attire” might also mean just remaining in bed.

I love my bed and am grateful for it. I don’t take it for granted for I know millions of people around the world, don’t have a soft, warm and comfortable bed. As a child I always had to share a bed with my sister. Not only was the bed crowded, but our bed was void of a nice mattress and sheets. Most of our sheets were thread bare and often ragged. Frequently, either my foot or my sister’s would catch an average sized hole in the sheet which upon awakening had torn the sheet into shreds. Soft and untattered sheets were luxuries our home didn’t possess.  Likewise, a clean, solid mattress was something we had never witnessed, nor felt beneath us.

Several years ago, when purchasing a new mattress, I inquired about the box springs. The salesman tried not to mock me as he stated these were no longer the trend. He informed me mattresses now rest atop a platform. Oh, but the sales pitch was strong about the pros of such a fad. Our heads, feet and legs could be elevated allowing a more comfortable sleep. So I was now the owner of one more remote control!

 Last week when I was too ill to even leave my bed, the warmth and comfort of it was my “hug from God” that even though alone, He was right there with me. When we have to change the sheets or make the bed, it’s not a chore, but a gift. Whether a table, a sofa or perhaps even a desk, at night it is my “my resting place with the Lord.” James 1:17 NIV “Every good and perfect gift is from above…”

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