We Have Now Boarded

I sat back in my seat prepared to enjoy the last leg of my journey after an extremely stressful arrival.  The first leg of my flight was scheduled with a forty-minute delay. I had passed the security check and had only to board the departing plane and return home. While waiting, the flight was delayed further. We finally departed a full 1.5 hours late, but then I had the task of the connecting flight at the next layover.

As we landed, the airline staff noted, I had less than fifteen minutes, to arrive for the next connection. Murphy’s Law, I was at the back of the plane and unable to knock down all the other passengers to scurry off the plane. Dragging the items I had removed from the carry-on luggage, my coat falling from my drooping shoulders, I heard the announcement on the intercom,  “will the passenger for Flight 6007 hurry to gate 24 as we have now boarded?” What? How?  These old, feeble legs were already walking as rapidly as possible, but now I picked up the pace to a slow “run.”

I was at least 25 gates away from the next connection with all kinds of shopping and dining between, so the destination seemed as though it were miles away. My heart began pounding with the discomfort which is “well known” when there is great exertion, but most of all the prayers were rising! I was praying aloud as I dashed with two bags, wearing heavy boots and a down coat causing more heat and perspiration than if I were in 110 degrees in the middle of summer.

I arrived at the empty gate, looking as though I was taking my last breath. The agent queried, “Jane Woods?” Yes, I sighed. I ran all this way. Then as I entered the quiet tunnel, the pilot walked toward me, reminding me to “catch my breath” as they knew I was coming. He also reminded me he knew I had walked a long way. Walk? No, I was in a slow run!

As I boarded the plane, the stewardess announced, “you must condense all those items into your two bags.” Any explanation of not being able to re-pack the items was not accepted. I couldn’t get on the plane with those “flapping, flying” additional objects.

 I would sit down, catch my breath, read my book and just relax. A few pages into the book by Grant Gaines, the words had to be in error, “Some realities in life logically rule each other out…if you have a sibling, you can’t be an only-child. And if you are a God-fearing, Spirit filled Christian, you can’t dislike dogs.” What?!  I know many Christians that don’t like any animals. I love animals. After all-I had just spent a full week with 3 dogs, 2 bunnies, a tortoise and more experiences with them than I have time to write about. Continuing to read the book, I realized the author had penned the dog comment in jest, but he also reminded us life is uncertain. With the kind of day I had endured, it caused me to reflect on how unpredictable life can be. We think we have things planned out, God says, “no, this isn’t what I have planned for you.” So, we can only, sit back, relax and “enjoy the flight.”  NIV Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

2 thoughts on “We Have Now Boarded

  1. Jane, I love this. You’re talking to me. Hope to see you soon. Peggy Williams

    On Mon, Jan 4, 2021 at 7:39 PM thegiftofgivingandgratitude wrote:

    > jwoods posted: ” I sat back in my seat prepared to enjoy the last leg of > my journey after an extremely stressful arrival. The first leg of my > flight was delayed 40 minutes. I had passed the security check and had only > to board the departing plane and return home. W” >


    1. Peggy, thank you! It was quite the eventful flight, but what a blessed time I had while in WI. I spent a full wk. w/my brother and his family. Yes, I miss all the church activities so very much!


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