“I just wanted to let you know you gave me too much change”, smiling and handing the sales clerk the $22.00 which he had given me several minutes prior. When I realized the error, I drove back around the store, waiting in line to get up to the window. “Well, uh, oh, I em”. That was all he said. I was not upset with him; I was merely trying to be honest. When I handed him the money, he just stared. I reminded him of the cost of my purchase and what was owed in change.

When I received the second “profit” on a purchase in less than two weeks, I could have said “oh God, thank you for giving me this blessing”, pocketed the money and left. However, with each of these situations, I wanted to do what was right, but departed feeling I was the one in error.

Neither of the sales persons thanked me for my honesty and with each transaction, they truly seemed offended that I chose to be honest. As Christians, is it our responsibility to be honest? Is it our responsibility to be fair? I believe the answer is “yes” to each of these questions.  I’ve heard Christians say believing and having faith He is God and there is an eternal home with Him, even if this were not valid, is far better than to be wrong for walking away from Him and not having faith that He is God. I agree without hesitation.

As Christians we may often ponder the reality of God and His ways, yet we believe in Him. It is much easier to see someone gives us too much money or didn’t charge us for an item we purchased. One takes faith and with the other we reflect our faith; doing unto others as we know God would do or choose for us to do.  I receive the “gift” of knowing I did what was right.

Just recently there was a situation in which someone did something which was perhaps not morally or ethically wrong, but certainly was disrespectful and discourteous. I was invited to attend an event, being informed I would be a guest of the invitee, only to be told days later than I owed them $400 for a ticket to the event. What? Why? I gulped and paid the $400, but remained perplexed as to why someone would do that and not inform their guest of the cost. I would have declined, had I known the cost.

While sharing this with some fellow Christians, they noted they would not have paid and queried as to why I did. Because I made a commitment that I would be the person’s guest. I didn’t have to feel guilty that I had not kept my commitment. Yes, the “human me” said, “no way. You invited me and now are asking me to pay $400 for my ticket?”, but just as with returning change which was not owed or taking items back to a store which I was not charged for, I know I can softly say, “WWJD”, what would Jesus do?” Luke 6:31 NIV, “do to others as you would have them do to you.”

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