Is There A Purpose?

Dear Readers,

My SINCERE apologies to each of you for allowing my own emotional pain to override my desire to be an encouragement. We are all aware of “triggers” in our lives, no matter what we are attempting to overcome. I’m attempting to conquer a tremendous heartache which counselors have noted will take years.

I was doing pretty well with my healing and then barely two years ago, the revelation which I’ve been sharing with you, caused a huge “set back” for me. I’m sorry the recent situation triggered  such a deep emotional turmoil in my heart, which I shared with you.

ONLY GOD knows how diligently I give this to Him. My “human side” took over and for that I apologize.  I can’t promise I will never again mention my sorrow, but I will attempt to note it in a more encouraging manner. I know for certain, we are to share the joys and difficulties  of our lives when it gives God the glory.

UNLESS OR UNTIL you have something happen to you which takes you to the lowest point of your life, it is impossible to explain the challenge of not allowing this to eclipse our emotions and often times our “good sense.”

I am flawed and this is not an excuse, but the absolute truth! BUT GOD and He is the only reason I have survived my life. There will be a day when I stand before Him that my life will be joyous. Until then, again I apologize for sharing the heartache which brings me to my knees several times a week. Blessings to each of you on your own journeys.

AND NOW as Paul Harvey used to say “for the rest of the story”

As often happens when tossing and  turning, unable to sleep, I get up in the night to listen to devotions or sermons. A few nights ago, I found an excellent sermon from Dr. Rick Warren, reminding us that sometimes we pray for years for people or situations, but those prayers may be answered in ways which bring us even more pain. Rick spoke of losing his own child to suicide, even though his family prayed for their son’s healing. He shared of those that pray for friends or family to be healed, but they ultimately die. He spoke of praying for marriages to be healed, but one of the mates leaves the marriage in spite of the prayers.

Why do some people “fall” under the load and turn from God while others grow in their relationship. It is faith. For without faith, we would be unable to continue with some of the trials He brings us. When each of us go through emotional pain, it is a constant reminder these times are sincerely for God’s glory. We may never understand our challenges until we stand before Him. However, if during our difficult times we can remove the tears and fog from our eyes, we may be able to see God’s blessings during these sorrowful times.

As Dr. Warren noted, we may not understand until we stand before God and then we can ask Him face to face. I’m grateful God gives us His word through bible study leaders, teachers and pastors. We are often reminded this life is short and uncertain, but as His children our joy will be with Him.

Sunshyne Gray states there are five purposes for the emotional pain God allows in our lives:

1). We give up on relying on ourselves and rely on God. Its in the pain that I run out of options and run into the arms of Christ.

2). The more we choose to trust God, the more we experience peace and joy. God delights to bless us with the fruit of peace and joy, but it begins with trust.

3). Even in the emotional pain that comes out of this world, we have an opportunity to bring glory to God. Our amazing God can turn ashes into beauty, mourning into joy and despair into praise.

4). Emotional pain prepares you to help others. Do you find yourself bumping into people going through what you’ve already endured?

5). Pain changes you and your desires. But when you’ve reached the other side of pain, you are different.

Sunshyne continues, “when you reach the other side of emotional pain you will see how it brought Him glory, strengthened your faith and increased your reliance on Him.”

It is how we abide and hold fast to God and our faith that will allow us to endure these times of emotional pain. 2 Kings 20:5 NKJ”…I have heard your prayer; I have seen your tears; surely I will heal you.”







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