Wondrous Things!

“Small Works, Great Wonders”, was the title of a western art show I volunteered for this week. Yet this same phrase can describe hundreds of situations in our lives; the birth of babies, observing beauty in nature as trees and flora bud and bloom, fledgling birds depending upon their parents until they fly from the safe haven of their warm nest, mothers in the wild protecting their young while often sacrificing their own lives.  The list of small works, but truly great and wonderful wonders is limitless, delineated by what we envision as such.

As artists see the beauty in objects which many don’t see, so too do writers see a story in what others might deem routine. As I joined some of my fellow Christian writers during one of our meetings, I was reminded why we as writers, share our stories about the “great wonder” of what God does in our lives; the jubilant, as well as the sorrowful.  One in the group spoke of sharing stories of her divorce, while another discussed sharing her story of the loss of her children. Such stories are not about small works, but mighty ones; how God allows each of us to use “His” stories to bring encouragement to others.

As Christian writers we realize inspiring others may come from bringing to life those things which seem unappealing. We too may view these situations as magnificent illustrations of God’s loving hand and “wonders.” I know that each of you reading this had a time in your life, you knew “if not for God”, things would have been much different. Each reading this may have experienced or be close to someone that had an “almost fatal” accident or injury, was caught up in a natural disaster losing all they had but their lives, suffered an illness or surgery that almost took their life and countless other life scenarios.

I have cherished the bible teachings of the “small works, but great wonders” of God. I read with hope of countless times He put through many of the bible “VIP’s” through trials and tribulations. Those that walked the closest with Him, never understood His actions, but they trusted He was with them. That has been my source of strength over these past years. There is seldom a week which passes that I don’t shed at least a few tears and often it is a “snotty nosed, tear gushing, sobbing” cry to God of “what in the world are you doing with me?”  Psalm 72:18 NKJ, “Blessed be the Lord God, the God of Israel, who only does wondrous things!”

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