It’s Always The Best!

It seems so often we rush through our routine days feeling we have accomplished something if we maintain status quo. When we have children in our home, we’re busy fulfilling their necessities and countless requests. After they leave home and begin lives of their own, we are often busy with careers as we plan for retirement.

When retirement arrives, we look forward to having time to enjoy those activities which were put “on hold” for many years. Yet, quite often retirement brings challenges of its’ own; health concerns, reduced income and perhaps being single. Is there ever a time when we pause, reflect and appreciate “that time”, any time of our life? Yes, when we choose to see each day that arrives as one more gift.

Years ago, I began calling the unexpected surprises in my life, “God hugs.” Certainly, I’ve never needed them more in my life than I do now, so when I do receive one of His hugs, they are esteemed.  Yesterday, I had an opportunity to attend a social event while also “giving back.”  The proceeds from the event provide services to our community.

As I hurried to the event, some of the local artists had set display tables of their artwork.  One of these tables exhibited beautiful, handcrafted, jewelry which caught my eye.  I examined many of the pieces, when realizing there was a drawing from this artist.  I completed the form, dropping it into the bowl with the entry forms from countless other women. Each was trusting they would be the “blessed recipient” of the gorgeous necklace.

As is customary for me, I turned off my cell phone upon arriving at the event. Returning home to check my e-mail and turning my phone on, I was exuberant to learn my name was drawn as the beneficiary of this necklace. I was elated for I knew immediately it was a gift from not only the jewelry artisan, but also one of God’s hugs. He was reminding me He knows my trials are many, but He is with me every step of the way.

While in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) today, our leader stated, “if you haven’t seen or heard anything, you might need to spend more time with Jesus.” Some days are like those of yesteryear, I’m just trying to maintain status quo, while others I cherish every moment with Jesus, for I realize there may not be another day which is one of God’s gifts. Our BSF leader also noted today, “don’t settle for good, but wait for God’s best.” Sometimes God’s good truly is the best of our entire day. I never take His warm, loving and kind hugs for granted.

In addition to the stunning necklace, the artist enclosed a card which brought tears to my eyes. She too is a child of God for each side of the card contained a special message, “There’s no one else on earth like you.”-Sadie Robertson and then a scripture, Romans 12:2 (version unknown), “Let God transform you into a new person by changing the way you think. Then you will learn to know God’s will for you, which is good and pleasing and perfect.”  Yesterday was not only a good day; it was God’s best for me that day.

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