Let The Kite Fly

One of my favorite sentiments in my  life is that God is always in the details. Today was no different. I worshiped in a church I had attended over a year ago and what a joy and blessing it was. The pastor’s message on the story of Joseph spoke to me. I’ve studied Joseph many times, including a wonderful bible study on Joseph and forgiveness. Even though I’ve heard Pastor Eric’s words countless times in my life, today they were a reminder of what I need to “heed” in order to move forward.

If we continue to mourn the past of our lives, we can’t receive the blessings of the present. We may be grieving the death of a child, spouse, relative or dear friend. We may be grieving a job or home we lost. It may be a long-term marriage where our mates walked away from us. Whatever the loss and no matter how great our sorrow, we can’t enjoy today or God’s gifts of tomorrow if we remain “in our past.”

Yes, we may recall our past and cling to those memories which brought us joy and happiness. As we are living those happy times wouldn’t it be magnificent if we could put a “pause button” on our lives; just to hang on to those moments that much longer?  As we know and as I was reminded again today, nothing can stop God’s plans; absolutely nothing! I know this is a message God wants me to understand for this is the fourth or fifth time I’ve heard this same sentiment within the past two-three weeks.

I would love to think that tomorrow or right around the corner God’s plan will be as spectacular as when He brought Joseph out of bondage and allowed his brothers to stand before him. Don’t we all wish that those persons that cast us into a “pit” in our lives or caused us to be placed in a prison of heartache and disappointment had to stand before us and realize their depravity?

Chuck Swindoll cited this bible passage a few days ago in one of his devotions, “We’re not left to wonder what Joseph felt when he heard his brothers’ words, when he heard them admit their guilt over what they had done. We are told he had to leave the room so he could weep… He understood well one of the reasons they were breaking. They had been in the dungeon for three days… He had spent years in a dungeon. He also knew that when God comes to tap on stooped shoulders and to break a guilty heart, He does not stop with a slight nudge or mild reproof. The long-outstanding bills were coming due for Joseph’s brothers. And as their debt rose ever higher before their eyes, they openly admitted, “We are guilty!”

We know God works in His own way and in His own time. He has his own way of bringing “sonlight” back into our lives when we have been living in some of the darkest and most raging storms.

Every day I wait. Every day I pray. Every day I hope that today or this week will be the time God reveals His plan. I know that someday; God’s day, it will happen. Until then, I know I must release my past, as a kite that has lost it’s anchor. Lamentations 3:25, “The Lord is good to those whose hope is in him, to the one who seeks him.”

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