Who Are You? -Part Two

As we return to the question “who are you?”  I think of the many personas we inhabit. Each of us reading this is someone’s child. We may also be a parent, sibling or a mate. We may be an employee or an employer. We may hold an office in the government or local civic group. The list of “who we are” might be lengthy. Nonetheless the query remains as in part one of this blog. When we share who we are, what do we say?

I was a daughter before I was a grandchild, niece, cousin and sibling.  My parents are now both deceased, but that doesn’t mean I ceased being a daughter. Even though my parents never accepted me for the person I am, they couldn’t deny I was theirs. I spent my entire life attempting to be accepted by them but, was never successful. However, I honored them and respected them as my parents. I didn’t choose them as my parents. God chose them for me.

I grieved the parents I wish I would have had, but they were God’s plan. When I asked why I was not loved nor accepted, each of my parents turned away. Over the years as I sought an understanding, my father always left the room. Yet from the time as a young child until my parents passed at age 89 and 91, when I was in their presence and asked “who are you?”, I would say, I’m Clyde and Moya’s daughter.

This same truth is applied to others I knew. I was a relative, colleague, friend, fellow church member, etc. Do those persons whom we are ever change? For me personally, the person I was at age  5, 15, 35 and now a single senior has never changed. The identity to those in my sphere has changed. For some have died. Others, I’m no longer associated with, but I’m still Jane Hamer Woods, the person God created me to be.

I will never forget years ago several of my counselors noted, as an adult I was the same person I so desperately desired to be as a youth and teen while residing with my parents. Sometimes circumstances and individuals prohibit us from being what God desired for us and created us to be.

I have always had a love for knowing other people, to reach out to others, to be creative and at times a little adventuresome. My parents stifled each of these traits. I was not permitted to socialize with others in my school or community. I was never permitted to invite girl friends for a “sleep over”. I was never allowed to be creative. Nonetheless, those talents, abilities and traits were there. They were what God gave me to use for Him.  TO BE CONTINUED:  Jeremiah 29:11, NIV “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. “

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