Isn’t He Cute?

I had planned on continuing my blog of “Who Are You”, until I opened my kitchen window today and stood “awe struck” at what I was seeing. There was a “kid” squirrel biting fiercely on my patio rug. My first instinct was that he was being silly for there were no acorns on the patio. As I watched him fiercely pulling and tugging, he was unraveling my rug. What?  I thought he was going to stop at any minute, as this was not a “nutty” taste, but a mouth full of dirty fiber.

He was not stopping. I ran to get my iPhone, as  I was truly amazed to see what he was doing. By the time I returned, his task of totally unraveling my rug was well underway.  He had no immediate plans to cease his actions, as his tiny mouth was filled and overflowing with rug yarn.  I realized my rug would be completely gone if I didn’t intervene.

Even when I opened the door, it took “kid squirrel” a few seconds to decide to leave, but I imagine “big, ole footsteps” might have caused him fear. Due to his small size, I don’t know if Mom sent him on an errand and he opted to stop off for a taste of patio rug or that was his destination. Either way, for that moment, I knew I had to terminate his antics.

In knitting we often add a “life line”, an interwoven strand of another yarn in the event something happens and our project begins to ravel. Obviously, there was not a lifeline on my rug, for it would have been totally unraveled if “kid squirrel.” had his way.

I immediately thought of our lives and how quickly they too can become unraveled. When we first observe Satan in our lives, what he is telling us looks pretty cute or perhaps even quite attractive. However, the tighter his grip and the more willing we are for him to take control, he will have our lives completely destroyed unless we stop him or have a “lifeline” so that he can only unravel a limited amount of our life.

Unlike my patio rug which would have been contained to that one item, when Satan begins unraveling our lives, it most often impacts countless other persons; mates, children, grandchildren, parents and the list goes on. I watched that squirrel for a few moments, but then realizing the damage, found a way to halt him before he caused further destruction. I’ve seen many individuals that believe the cuteness or beauty of what Satan is doing is so grand there is no desire to place a roadblock on his path.

You may then watch as not only your life was destroyed but also the lives of those around you. It might be prudent to add God’s lifeline before Satan starts looking cute to you.  2 Timothy 4:18 NKJ, “And the Lord will deliver me from every evil work and preserve me for His heavenly kingdom.”

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