Paw Prints On Our Hearts- Part Three

When we departed for our new home in south FL, I pleaded with Charles, my then-husband for a new child; a fur baby; specifically, a Sheltie. My desire for a this breed had been after visiting with numerous Sheltie owners and learning of their sweet and gentle temperament. Certainly, their beauty and popularity of being a “mini” Lassie complimented their docile nature.

A few months after the loss of Mo, I began my search for this new addition, hoping to adopt a rescue Sheltie. I rapidly learned most seeking adoption were aged, ill or had been abused.  After conversing with our veterinarian whom cared for Mo, he knew of a breeder selling puppies from a recent litter.  After the breeder’s numerous queries about my desire for one of her dogs and learning I had no desire for breeding, she informed me her one-year old show dog was for sale. He had grown .25 inches and  could no longer compete.

At our initial visit to see Indy, I was smitten. He was more beautiful than I had imagined. I realized why he had been a champion. He pranced and waltzed as though he was on display “in the ring.” I was in love with this little boy.  We couldn’t take him home that day due to medical examinations and documentation for the sale. What a jubilant surprise when I arrived home from work one day to be greeted with our beautiful boy and a large red ribbon loosely tied around his neck. Tears fell when I opened the door and Indy dashed toward me with Charles cheerfully citing, “Merry Christmas, Mommy.” That was the beginning of a 13 year-long love affair.

As a corporate dietitian, some of the long-term care administrators realized I had a Sheltie and requested he accompany me to work. Indy was a delight for the medical staff and patients. It was then I realized the healing powers for therapy dogs. We took many trips with Indy; far and near. He quickly became another child for us; albeit a “furry” one.  As we relocated from FL back to OK and then to TX, Indy was always a trooper. He adapted quickly and remained a close, cheerful and loving companion until he passed away at age 14. As with Mo, Indy left everlasting paw prints on my heart. It would be several years before I desired to add another four-legged child to our home,  for my love of Indy was so passionate. Ecclesiastes 3: 3 KJV “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

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