Paw Prints On Our Hearts-Part Two

Time passes and as we age, so too do our beloved pets. They become slower with age, but our love for them never does. Our love only increases.  This was the saga of our dear Mo. The creek behind our home and the security on and below our deck were his “safe place.” Despite his numerous “cat conflicts” with his fellow felines, he always returned home.

Our children had left the nest and my then-husband chose to take a job halfway across the country. Now we would be moving. What would Mo do? After an in-depth conversation with our veterinarian, his advice was to have Mo accompany us on our move east.  Even though the vet knew Mo was independent, he also advised that at Mo’s age, he would never survive. His “free range” days were over and after 12 years of calling our home; his, the only hope of Mo’s survival was to become a south FL feline.

The shady deck, heavily wooded lot and rippling creek were replaced with a lanai and pool which encompassed our entire back yard. When residing in OK, I never knew what awaited me as I greeted Mo each morning. He was filled with pride as his prey was displayed beside him. I shrieked with disgust, as I’m certain Mo was perplexed as to why I would not be as happy as he was, in presenting his gifts to us.

As Mo became ill from old age, I attempted repeatedly to bring him into our home for love and attention. However, as when he had been a toddler, his pleas to return to the heat and sun reminded me he had no desire to be a “house cat.”   I was saddened that his last years were in FL and not in OK with the freedoms of what he so greatly loved. Yet, I want to believe that when he passed at age 17, he knew he was greatly loved.

A few months later a new little boy entered my life; a beautiful Sheltie, Indy. Please follow me on my journey with Indy. Ecclesiastes 3: 3 KJV “to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:”

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