Is This Love? Part One

Dear Blog Followers, For the next few days, I will be deviating from my normal “thanks and gratitude” blog to share something which has personally impacted me. Not only has it imprinted and changed my life, it is something which is real and exists in our communities, but many choose to disregard it. Due to the “Me Too” movement and much coverage in the media, it is no longer something which is hidden. The pain is like that of a jellyfish; its’ tentacles reaching out with poison and touching all those it comes in contact with. It is domestic violence (DV) as I will refer to it from this point forward.

Because my blogs are faith based, I will share some notes and statistics from training I received in 2017 at Focus Ministries in Elmhurst, IL. My references will refer to he/him as the abuser for as this training and other workshops note, the majority of abusers are male.   I was a counseling client in a battered women’s shelter, as well as attending several workshops and conferences on this subject for it has consumed my entire life. From being a severely, physically and emotionally abused child to enduring all forms of DV as a wife for 44 years and beyond, I am choosing to share my journey. I have been urged to do so for I have been able to endure and survive without bitterness and anger. I can truthfully say, to God be the glory for that.”

For victims such as myself, active in church, the emotional agony has  been exacerbated when church staff and fellow members have turned a deaf ear to us or touted, we were being dishonest in our cries and pleas for help. As I share more in this blog, I pray that if you know of someone that is walking this journey you will give them the support and love they so greatly desire and require in order to move beyond the grief.

Child abuse and DV is nothing to be grateful for, but the correlation between this blog and thankfulness is that persons like myself have survived it. I know there are thousands like me; encouragers to those whom may still be walking the path or have been unable to overcome the pain of the journey. Ezekiel 45:9 NLT, “For this is what the Sovereign Lord says: Enough, you prices of Israel. Stop your violence and oppression and do what is just and right.”

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