Our Curb Appeal

Have you ever driven down a street and been captivated by the exterior or lawn of a home? Realtors say most buyers will never give a home a second look if the curb appeal is negative.  I understood from the time I was a young teen that first impressions may also be the last impression. Our personal appearance, as well as our homes are reflections of the persons we are.

What about personalized vehicle tags and holders?  Do they also portray the people we are? There are tags which promote professions or hobbies, as well as those touting love for families or pets. The variety of quotes on tags is as limitless as the people owning them. My own tag, although not too original, denotes the car is owned by someone with the letter “J”; J-Bug, as I drive a 2013 VW Beetle. My tag holder also alerts others to one of my hobbies. It states “happiness is quilting”. That may be in question as I often must rip and re-sew or rip and re-arrange, but it was a gift from a quilt shop and I’m proud to share with others that I do enjoy the “gift” of quilting.

Recently I was behind a car with a tag holder I had never seen. It left me smiling all the way home; “another beautiful day, compliments of God.” Oh yes, indeed! Every day is a gift from God.  What kind of image do we represent when others see us?

Are our lives filled with weeds; the things which choke out the goodness from God?  Are our homes dirty and cluttered with junk which don’t allow others to come in, sit down and hear about the love of God?  How about dirty and ragged clothes, which cover up the beauty God instilled in us? Our impression to others does matter. Our image, words and actions are our “curb appeal.” People may walk by and never get to know us, for they don’t like what they see.  Matthew 5:16 NKJ, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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