Taking Cover In The Storm

As I departed for church there were a few clouds in the sky, but it was dry. Minutes later as I was driving down the highway the winds blew, the rains fell, and hail dropped from the darkened sky. I quickly found a medical center and pulled in under cover, awaiting an escape from the storm, so that I could proceed to church. Believing it was safe enough to continue my drive, the rain remained relentless. After sitting in the church parking lot for over 30 minutes with rain so strong and unforgiving, it seemed it would crash through the car at any moment.

At long last, a reprieve. Although it was still raining, my umbrella would protect me from the cool, wet drops. A surprise awaited me as I stepped into a darkened church. Due to ferocity of the rain, our church had lost power. The early service was canceled.

Along my commute back home, I thought about our lives. How often are we in dark storms and take short-term, emergency cover in the arms and love of our Lord? Then we feel the storms have passed, so we proceed on, only to learn they had not ended; they had merely been lessened “for the moment.” We once again seek His shelter. Then suddenly, we lose all control, all power. We are totally at the compassion of God. Just as our church was at the mercy of God calming the storm so we could once again have power for our electricity, so too must we rely on God for control of our lives; in storms and tranquility.

If we walk with God during all the times of our lives, we won’t have a worry or fear when the storms come. We will have a peace that He will be with us. Isaiah 4:6 NIV…”it will be a shelter and shade from the heat of the day and a refuge and hiding place from the storm and rain.”

2 thoughts on “Taking Cover In The Storm

  1. AMEN!!! GREAT illustration….. He does take care of us… He shelters us under His wings… However, it is hard as we travel through these things… It is hard to let go and forget the stuff we carry around… Thanks for sharing….. First day of VBS went well. I have 12 children… Got to teach them a lot about God!!!!! We had serious rain and LOTS of wind here also…But we were already home from church. Have a great day!!! Will be praying for you. Shirley

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