Hymn of Praise

Do we often times attend church or bible study with an open heart and mind, but not expecting anything unusual? Then “wham” God brings you a joy beyond measure.  As I attended what I believed would be a routine choir rehearsal I received a “God hug”. When we were singing our next to the last song, “Hymn of Praise”, the words leapt from the page and brought pangs to my heart.

Written by Bill and Gloria Gaither, their lyrics echoed so much of what most of us desire in our lives, but may not receive and also some of the painful experiences we must walk.  “Oh, loving father, by your grace, we gather here to seek your face and thank you for this family and hearth and home and loyalty .Our hearts are full of gratitude for work and rest and daily food, for neighbours (neighbors) kind and faithful friends, the gifts on which our lives depend. We even thank you for the pain -It’s through the loses that we gain clear perspective, a better view of our dependency of you…Through good and bad we’ve learned to trust, that you are loving, wise and just. So now with childlike hearts we raise our hymn of deepest, highest praise!”

The tears were so abundant, I was unable to sing. Yes, these were my desires as a young wife and mother, but God had a different plan for my life.   How well I understand the words of gaining a clear perspective from pain. My choir mate hugged me and said she would be praying for me, as I briefly shared my own life’s journey and why I cried so intensely during the song.

I departed choir realizing I had received a gift I had not anticipated; God’s reminder He knows each of our hearts and needs. Psalms 139:1 NIV “you have searched me oh Lord and you know me.”

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