An Interview With God

Prayer may be the most discussed topic of the Christian life. We know it is the primary mode of communication with God. For those of us who truly seek His will for our lives, we rely on seeking His answers to our prayers. Also, as I have shared in my previous blogs, I know that if I’m not in God’s divine will, I may be in a state of confusion or unhappiness.

It’s also an encouragement to me when I read of countless other Christians that struggle with understanding God’s direction for their lives. As I read a devotion today by Marion Stroud, her words spoke to me, “But Lord while being thankful for the privilege, I do get puzzled about the process of prayer…knowing that there are prayers I pray month after month, year after year, and still do not see the longed for change within myself and others.”

I’ve always known we can’t change others. We must change ourselves, but I too have prayed that God would give me the peace and strength to handle and understand some of the disappointments and distresses bestowed upon me by others. I grasp so many of God’s promises during these difficult times such as Matthew 7:7 when He promises, “ask and it shall be given.” I prayed for a healed marriage, an estranged child, a sale of my house so I could move forward with my life. Yet, none of these prayers have been answered. One of the prayers for 50 years, another 25 years and the least three years. Each of these prayers were earnest and heartfelt, so I have to say, “God, why?”

We may not always understand God’s rationale in seeming to not hear us, but we can always have an interview with Him.  As Mark Porter cited, “Executives are hard to see-their costly time I may not waste-I make appointments nervously and talk to them in haste. But any time of night or day in places suitable or odd, I seek and get without delay an interview with God.”  Matthew 7:7 KJV Ask, and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

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