Respect Requires Work-Conclusion

I could blog for days about respect as it is  understated and overlooked, but I will conclude this subject for now.  As I closed yesterday, I noted my son has never respected me as his mother nor even as a fellow human being.   I observe him treating his wife, daughters, sister and mother-in-law with great respect.

As another Mother’s Day came and went this year, again there was not even a text, or e-mail wishing me well; let alone anything greater. The other perplexing issue is he was with me and other family literally hours prior to Mother’s Day (for a family college, graduation) and he could have at least wished me a good day then, but he departed, not uttering a word.

When someone addresses another and they refuse to acknowledge that person, that is disrespect. When someone makes a telephone call, sends a text, e-mail or snail mail requesting information, but the recipient refuses to return the inquiry, that is disrespect. These are not isolated instances but have been customary with my ex-husband, Charles and now my son for almost 50 years. The emotional abuse has been extreme and the disrespect equal.

When Charles left me and began his affair while we were still married, he lacked the integrity to inform me why he was abandoning our 44-year marriage. Over six years later, I learned of his affair as happenstance. (I know God allowed it, but nonetheless Charles had not possessed the veracity to be honest). When I pleaded for an understanding, Charles only reply was that he had not loved me for most of our marriage; disrespect and lack of morality.

As he abandoned me while in my 60’s, I asked if he would be there for me, if I had a need. Even though his words were “yes”, he was not honest. Charles meets his lover’s every need; physically and/or emotionally. Yet, I’m now left to fend for myself; no matter how significant the need. As Charles attends family events, he refuses to even acknowledge my presence; disrespect.

Disrespect for another person is never permissible. The CEO of the most successful company deserves no more respect than the homeless person. As I noted when I began this blog, respect can be given and/or earned, but even when one doesn’t know another, then are courtesies which are basic. It takes a person with far greater integrity than wealth to treat others with the same kind of respect which they desire to be treated.  Eph. 4:32 NIV, “Be kind and compassionate to one another…” God doesn’t command us to do this “if we feel like it.”

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