The Locked Secrets

In my last blog I mentioned Frank Warren, the man that invited people to share their secrets with him. Over one million people accepted that opportunity. However, some of us become victims of secrets from family and friends. For many years my ex-husband carried three locked brief cases which he kept locked in his car. Because I wanted to trust and believe he was not keeping confidences from me, then I didn’t query his actions.

Nonetheless, I found his covert behavior rather perplexing. I had always been open with everything I said and did.  If I believed my words or actions were not the wisest decision, my conscience didn’t allow me rest until I confided my “wrongs”.

Nonetheless those locked cases were disconcerting. It was one of my numerous counselors that persuaded me people who have nothing to hide don’t keep secrets locked away.  The counselor’s persuasion of finding what was in the cases caused me to have more guilt from “prying open” one of those cases that just to allow my ex-husband to continue with his clandestine actions. Ruining the costly case which I had purchased as a wedding anniversary gift, was more devastating to me that trying to uncover the hidden secrets.

Not only did I have to divulge the damage to the costly gift, but also that I didn’t trust him. Of course, I replaced the case, but his anger remained for years to come. This was a time I should have heeded God and not man.  God’s gift to us is that in His time, He will bring to light the things we need to know.  When we learn the truth, it may be emotionally painful for us,  but it will be in God’s time, not ours. Ecclesiastes 12:14 NKJ, “For God will bring every work into judgment, including every secret thing, whether good or evil”.

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