Are You a Secret Keeper?

I was watching a television segment this week on Frank Warren a man who is a “secret keeper”. This gentleman handed out postcards in 2005 citing you could send him your secrets on a postcard.   Frank has now received over a million secrets for “safe keeping”.  Over the years as people have confided in me, I have chosen to keep their secrets; never divulging matters deep within their hearts. When someone shares some of their innermost concerns with me, I value the confidence they have bestowed upon me to keep those secrets.

I’m an open book for my own life, as I never wanted to have something so deep and secretive that I had to hide it from others. I also cling tightly to the fact that God sometimes puts us through difficult times to use them for His honor and glory. That doesn’t mean we are to share our burdens with all we meet.  However, I do feel that sharing with the appropriate person in the proper time, can truly be for God’s exaltation.

Over the years, I have shared with persons whom I valued enough to share, believing they respected me and would maintain these confidences.  However, time and again they betrayed me by hastily touting what they had “learned”.   Almost always this caused painful repercussions.  I realized that if that person betrayed me, they had most probably deceived others. Being a “secret keeper” is a gift. Aren’t we grateful God sees and hears our hearts, so we don’t have to keep anything from Him? Proverbs 11:13 NIV “ A gossip betrays a confidence, but a trustworthy person keeps a secret”.

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