The Gift of Inconvenience

What is one gift we are given which is the same for every person, no matter the age, income, locale, education, etc. It is the gift of time. How do we spend it? I know there are days when you arise early and retire to bed late and you are exhausted from all the productivity of the day.

Then on other days, as you fall asleep you wonder what you accomplished. We make to-do lists. We plan our schedule down to the exact minute, but then it all “falls apart”. The unexpected call from someone, the person that dropped by unannounced and countless other “inconveniences”.

Some of these unexpected “delays” can be the best gifts we receive. Perhaps the next time something doesn’t go as you planned, realize God was in the details. He may have blessed you with something far greater than what you had planned. NKJ Proverbs 16:9, A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.

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