The Gift of “Seeing”

Do you have the gift of “seeing?” Seeing is not the same as sight, which allows us to witness God’s beauty around us. Seeing enables us to embrace the life God has given us; to “see” others in need, to “see” our blessings, even when life brings us trials and difficulties. Seeing allows us to “see” others not for the career position they hold, nor where they live nor the car they drive, but for the person God created them to be. Seeing allows us to love the mate and children He gave us; not in how we desire for them to be, but for the person God created. Seeing gives us a broadened horizon for our eyes to behold. Seeing allows us to forgive when others have hurt us. Seeing opens our eyes to all God has for us. NIV Psa. 119:18 “open my eyes that I may see wonderful things…”

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