If Not For God

You may be frenzied completing the remaining list of “to do’s before the family and friends arrive tonight or tomorrow. Perhaps no one is coming, but you will be “going”. There are also those of you whom have no one coming and nowhere to go. Having been alone for the past 6 years, I’m grateful this year I do have family to celebrate with, but I also know that “Only God” allows us to have friends and family in our lives. As I begin each day with my pastor, Chuck Swindoll’s devotion, his words today, reminded me of what I need to focus on daily, not merely at Christmas. I’ve never been one to desire to impress anyone, for as I shared with my children from the time they were very young and even now when they are middle-aged adults with children of their own, “if not for God” we would be nothing. As Chuck noted today, “Forget about trying to impress others by what you buy. Spend more time imparting what you already possess. Psa 9:1 “ I will give thanks to you Lord with all my heart.”

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