The Gift of Service

Are you still frantically running around to complete your Christmas shopping? Did you leave someone off the list and you’re fretting over what to purchase them? Are you giving gifts from necessity or obligation or just because you want to give from your heart? Why do you feel it must be tangible? Over the years, I’ve given countless gifts which had no expiration date, no design or décor, no flavor or fragrance. They wouldn’t be the incorrect color or size. My gift was an offering of a service; a night of babysitting, a meal when they were ill, a cake or dessert for a special event, keeping their pet while they were away, etc. Unfortunately, few have accepted my gift, but I made up little cards with the service listed, wrapped them in a lovely package and presented them with my utmost sincerity. Isn’t it wonderful that as celebration of our Lord’s birth is rapidly approaching, that many of us have not refused His gift to us? Acts 20:35…”it is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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