Do You Have The Strength?

The older I’ve become the more frequently I must take breaks from physical tasks such as gardening and house cleaning. The added elements of Texas heat and a new knee cause this “senior” gal to “fizzle out” more quickly. I become frustrated with slowing down, but also must give God the glory and gratitude that I’m able to be as physically active as I am.

During these short breaks to rest and refresh, I’ve begun watching numerous documentaries on survival. The human body can endure far greater abuse and trauma than we sometimes believe is possible. It is  also astounding at how rapidly a small mishap can become a major life and death encounter.

Many of us have had “close encounters” either with accidents or illness.  I can’t count the number of times I have stopped to thank God for sparing me in what could have been a terrifying situation. It seems my prayers are often when I enter a major highway system here in north Texas.

So too have there been numerous times in these past few months that God protected me from falls or other mishaps. There are also those situations when emotional trauma can be almost as debilitating as physical suffering.

Why do some people endure while others succumb to their situations? We all know persons that “gave up” when situations were challenging. Are the survivors more determined than others, more mentally acute or just stronger physically than some other person in the same situation? For many of these individuals their strength comes from God.

When I’m having one of my “pity parties”, and saying “why God why?”, I think about the situations King David was involved with in the bible.  Yes, many of his problems were self-induced. However, there were also circumstances that he didn’t cause. God was right there giving him the power to fulfill his tasks.  

As I read my devotions today I was reminded that Moses murdered an Egyptian. Yet God had protected Moses as an infant in a way which only God could ordain, so that as an adult Moses would be the voice of God to the Israelites.

Our lives are not as notorious as the leaders in the bible. Our names will not be written down and admired for thousands of years. However, our lives and actions can lead others to the Lord. Our stories of survival and courage may not be as monumental as some, but the strength God gives us to undergo these trials can certainly bring enduring benefits.  Will our words and actions cause others to become children of God?

I had a circumstance which happened only a couple of days ago when I wanted to stand up and shout “wait a minute”, I’m the one hiring you, not the other way around. I hired someone to assist me with a small task as a way to help them in a time of need.  Upon arrival they were controlling and belligerent. I chose to “let it go” rather than cause a conflict for I didn’t want my Christian testimony marred. God gives us the strength no matter the situation.  Isaiah 41:10 NIV “So do no fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you…”

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