God’s Calendar or Mine

How often do we read, “this is going to be your year”, or “great things await you.” No one knows what is  in our future except God. We can plan and prepare, but we all know plans can be changed without any warning. I also have never believed in such quotes of “being my year” or “great things are going to happen.” For when we open our hearts and minds every day is “our day” and abundant blessings are ours if we unlock our eyes and hearts to what God has done for us.

My calendar for the new year was void of appointments and events. As I began filling the pages with upcoming events,  I thought of this past year and the unexpected occurrences which were not on my calendar. Early in the year, there were insurance claims on my home and automobile which caused inconvenience and financial losses, unplanned illness which canceled all my engagements and festivities. And then-I reflected on the “unexpected “God winks” of the year.

I thought of  the people I had hoped to meet during the year, but as quickly as I thought of the ones I didn’t meet, I recalled the people I  met which were not expected.  I thought of the joys of trips which allowed me to experience new cultures and locations. I thought of being a part of a family commemoration when a young couple began a new life together as “one.”

 I thought of the memories of being with my daughter and her family during spontaneous moments throughout the year. I thought of the joy of having my daughter share in a family outing which has enlarged not only her memory album, but also her knowledge of family she had seldom been with. My heart fluttered when I thought of the impromptu moment when I could be a part of my granddaughter’s reminiscences during a monumental birthday.

We need not “plan” or “schedule” to experience exultations beyond measure. Too often people fill their lives with so much of what they desire, they have no time to experience God’s surprises  I had a conversation recently with a person I had never met, but were merely conversing via telephone. He queried if I am an informed person. When I replied “yes”, he pushed further, asking if I know what lies ahead. I reminded him no one, but God knows that. He desired to be argumentative and attempted to persuade me that if I were informed, then I would know the outcome of our future. Such persons are to be pitied. For if they live their lives believing they know what the future holds, they will someday be caught off guard.

I’m grateful for the happenings which are not on my calendar. These will be the unexpected “gifts from God”. Yes, we are beginning a new year and I will embrace what lies ahead. As we read in Ecclesiastes, whether on our calendar or not, God’s timing will prevail. Ecclesiastes 3:1 NIV, “there is a time for everything…”

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