The Fixer

I walked away as confused as when I received the request to meet  for coffee. A lady I will call Denise had been in a bible study with me over five months prior. I had joined the non-denominational bible study over thirty years ago. Each year,  women are assigned a group. They meet together for 45-50 minutes each week for eight months, then the following year, they are assigned a new group.  This is a highly structured and formal bible study with very little personal interaction.

Occasionally, a query will arise in the study asking the participants to parallel the teachings of the bible to their personal lives. Not all class members share their input weekly.  By the end of the eight months, we may know a little about each person in the group, but know none of them well.  Normally it takes years to truly know and understand someone. Certainly a few minutes each week negates this opportunity.

I had some trepidation about Denise’s intent, but understanding God is always in the details, I accepted the invitation eager to see what God was telling me. I was reminded recently that God  doesn’t always speak in shouts, but often in a whisper as He did to Elijah. I also recognize God can’t speak, if our ears are closed to Him. I knew certainly this meeting had to be of God for I didn’t know Denise well enough to otherwise join her for coffee.

 I prayed for peace and an understanding on whatever God wanted me to hear. Yet Denise’s words were confounding. She met me solely for the purpose of informing me that I wasn’t healing quickly enough from a challenging life.  I now understood these were not God’s words or actions, but merely a reminder from Him that often people believe they are wiser than God; that they need to “fix us.”

During my time of healing and awareness, God has placed me in ministries I would not have otherwise been involved with. I’ve met people I would never have met. I’ve experienced adventures I would never have experienced. Sometimes when God speaks we don’t understand. I remained bewildered. Why did Denise feel it so imperative to meet me for the singular purpose of criticism and negativity?

At times each of us look at another and think, “ I wonder why they are saying/doing that?. I would do things differently.” It is not our responsibility as Christians to tell anyone they are wrong when they are taking their direction from the Lord. God doesn’t lead anyone to do things which are not acceptable to Him.

My life is a series of circumstances God allowed and/or brought about; not to harm me, but to strengthen me. Now He is restoring my life in His time and His glory. No outside intervention is required. Perhaps the sole purpose of the coffee meeting was so that I could be reminded that God has not forgotten me. He remains steadfast with me, no matter what happens or where He leads.  Hosea 6:1 NKJ, Come, and let us return to the Lord; For He was torn, but will heal us; He has stricken, but He will bind us up.”

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