It’s Just a Day

How often have you heard, it’s just a day? But is it really? Is it merely twenty-four hours on your calendar of days, weeks and months of the year?

For most of us that is indeed true. Yet, how often have we had those days that impact us for the remainder of our lives? When we were children those “big days” were monumental; birthdays, holidays and perhaps even family vacations, but then we became adults and those days were fewer.

Most of you reading this blog today, recall those days which became historical; assassination of our President, bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City, 911 and countless natural disasters.  The list of days which impact us forever is lengthy. However, whereas some of those have made our lives more inconvenient due to all the new polices and regulations as a result of the actions of others, they may not directly affect us, nor change the person we are.

What about those days in our lives that changed us forever? Do you recall the day you had your first kiss? That was a normal moment in time for the world, but for you, it caused you to realize you were now on the threshold of becoming an adult. Your parents and grandparents kissed your innocent little faces when you were children. You might even have had a kiss on the cheek from a fellow classmate as a younger child, but oh the memories of that first “real” kiss!

Now you were dating and in time would find that “one” to spend the remainder of your life with.   Do you recall the day you were asked to become someone’s mate? Marriage was never “just a day. It changed you for the remainder of your life. You were a spouse and as God planned, two became “one.”

 Death or divorce may have ended that marital union, but it could never erase that day. You were eternally linked to that person. It became a part of the person you are today, whether a few months or many years you were a husband or a wife.

For those reading this whom are parents, that day is indelible on your hearts and lives. The joy when your children became one of your family will never be “just a day.” Whether those children remained in your lives can’t alter you were their parent. Becoming a parent is permanent. It isn’t “just a day.”

What about those days you aren’t experiencing some of these colossal occurrences? Is it “just a day?” You can make each day a memorable one, even if they don’t permanently change the person you are. You can sincerely make each day more than just passing hours.

Share your smile everywhere you go. We’ve all heard that we don’t know what others are enduring. Your smile may be their only ray of “sonshine” for that day. Offer a helping hand wherever you can. It can be as small as picking up litter which has blown into a neighbor’s yard. It makes your day special when you opt to make your hours more than “just a day.” NIV Romans 14:6 “whoever regards one day as special does so to Lord…”

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