Be Still

My pen is not dry nor my paper lost, but life has grabbed me by the neck and won’t turn loose. Thus, my blog has been quiet. I have longed for one of those quiet mornings of solitude when I could just sit with God and talk to you, my readers. Those days are now wonderful memories. For now, I ponder and pray.

As I’ve shared with all of you often, my life has been filled with tremendous sorrow and disappointment, but God was and remains at the very center of all I do. If I have gained or learned nothing else during all these trials, God is truly the only one that loves me and will be there for me.

During this time of chaos my book was released. The title says it all, If Only Love.  I longed to be loved by those whom I loved and held so dear. God knew before I was born my life would not be as I had dreamed.  Yet, He has allowed me to grasp as is written in His word, “in time God will restore what the locusts” consumed.

When life calms down, I will cherish my time to once again write and share the words God has given me. For now, thank you for your prayers, as I continue to seek God’s will and direction for my life. Psalm 46:10 NIV”…be still and know that I am God.”

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