The Trip Is Short

I sat quietly with only the soft sound of the humming, central heat while looking out my window to the dozens of trees laden with turning leaves, now shedding their lush shade to the ground below and thanked God for another day. God blessed me with a home with a “park like” back yard, filled with many of His creatures. Even if I hadn’t read the state’s department of transportation road sign, Pumpkin Spice is Nice. But Safe Driving Is Always in Season, the view outside my window gave me the clue fall had arrived.

This time of year, is especially endearing to me. Not only is it my favorite season, but a respite from the long, summer heat, which I have never enjoyed. I love the chill and crispness of the changing temperatures for I can always add another layer if the days or evenings are too cool. I delight in the aroma of the smoke-filled air from the neighbors’ fireplaces and the sound of the leaves as they “crunch” beneath my feet. I’m as gleeful as a child when sipping a cup of hot cinnamon cider or hot chocolate with marshmallows. 

As much as these traditional sights, sounds and rituals of fall is, realizing God is giving us yet again a time to “slow down” and be quiet. As I have shared for years, it seems when Labor Day arrives, the holidays are only weeks away. How rapidly our days and weeks pass. Before we realize it, the year has come and gone, validating the shortness of our lives.

As I was sitting alone, I was again thanking God for His love to me. So often as I’m chatting with God, I become emotional and tearful; filled with questions and wonder about my life.  I have often deliberated why God gives some persons so much joy and happiness while others seem to have sorrow from the day of their birth.  We all know those whom were born with severe physical, emotional or mental impairments, but their joy is beyond description.

The older I become, the more I realize that all of this will pass so quickly. When persons live to be eighty, ninety or even become a centurion, we say “they had a long life.” Yet, when we think about eternity, all of this time on earth is like the “blink of an eye.” 

I recently read a wonderful example of our short life by Muthender Velishala. In his blog he wrote about an elderly woman that was a passenger on a bus. “A grumpy young woman…sat down beside the woman, hitting her with her numerous bags…the old woman remained silent. The young woman asked why she (the older woman) had not complained…the trip is short”, the older woman had replied. Muthender gave many other examples of not being angry or unkind when situations in our lives occur. It is a reminder that our lives are short, but as Christians, we are looking to the day we are with the Lord.

Psalm 90:10 NIV “Our days may come to seventy years, or eighty, if our strength endures; yet the best of them are but trouble and sorrow, for they quickly pass, and we fly away.”

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