Detour Again

“I caution you…you will receive swift, legal, action.” What? Why? There was no greeting or closing salutation, merely a threat. I then whispered, okay, God another slammed door, but you are in charge. No words had been written or spoken which were disparaging as I was accused of doing. Thus, no need to threaten. To me, it is one more example of God’s hand slamming the door shut.

The sender of the brusque text presented a business transaction which I chose not to accept. She had entered my home angry and departed in the same manner. What I learned years ago is we cannot control what others say or do, but we can control how we accept and deal with situations which arise. For me personally, it is of no benefit to react to negativity in a toxic manner.  If I react destructively, it only causes me physical stress and anxiety. I prayed about the business transaction before it was presented and following. This has caused another detour, but I know God’s time is perfect.

Then as I read one of my devotions today, I thought of my own situation. Xochitl Dixon wrote, “my anger percolated when a woman mistreated me, blamed me and gossiped about me. I wanted everyone to know what she’d done-wanted her to suffer as I’d suffered because of her behavior. I steamed with resentment until a headache pierced my temples. But as I began praying for my pain to go away, the Holy Spirit convicted me. How could I plot revenge while begging God for relief?”

As I read each word of Xochitl’s devotion, I thought again about what anger does to us. I recall when I learned the truth of a situation a little over two years ago. I was angry, but more wounded than angry. The hurt was so deep and devastating, I became physically ill. How could someone I had loved so deeply and genuinely do something so vindictive and dishonorable? He did and I had to decide how to endure. I cried out to God to remove the emotional sorrow, but it lingered. Even now, if I reflect on the reality of what occurred, the anguish is great, “but God.”

I’ve learned over these past couple years, that no matter how excruciating a situation may be, with God’s help I can survive and thrive. Perhaps that is another reason when situations arise now which I have no control over, I can say “God, this is your problem. Please take it from me.” The actions of the sender of today’s text are unethical, but God remains at the center of the situation.

As Xochitl continued her devotion, she reminded us of the unfair treatment of David. We all know David pulled some “stunts”, but he was also mistreated unjustly when King Saul wanted to kill him. “David suffered while God worked things out.” Sometimes we too suffer, while God’s plan for our life is being implemented.  Psalm27:14 NKJ: “Wait on the Lord, be of good courage, and He shall strengthen your heart.”




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