Are You A Secret Keeper?

This is one of those days when I’ve received several of God’s hugs; little moments which brought joy to my heart as I think of the countless ways God works in my life and lives of others I’ve never met. As I was watching a recorded television program, the segment shared the story of a 5-year-old girl whom I will call Sally.  Sally is hearing impaired and her parents struggled with whether to send her to public or private school.

They chose the public school and God brought joy to Sally’s deaf world. The narrator of this chronicle stated one third of the students in Sally’s school learned sign language to enable them to communicate with her. The segment closed with words which were more profound than those from the most brilliant scholar. One of her classmates said this little girl is “like a gift basket; one with flowers and chocolates; a bundle of joy.”  For that young student to describe Sally in such a flamboyant manner, she may be a future journalist or perhaps a well-known writer.

Sally’s parents said she will succeed because of the school. Do some persons succeed, and others fail because of support or because there is no support?  Repeatedly over the years, counselors have cited I’m an exceptionally strong individual. This was not because of me, but because of the Lord.  My strength came solely from Him.  I didn’t have a school that supported me, friends or family that walked with me. Yet, I’ve been grateful that my joy truly was “in the Lord” as the song proclaims.

Another, God hug was an older movie; “The Secret” with Kirk Douglas. For decades Mike (played by Kirk) hid the fact he was dyslexic until his grandson also inherited the trait. During those years, Mike’s son had been angry at his father because he wasn’t like the other fathers. While watching this, I thought of my own life; never normal, never like others. I chose a path to share rather than hide.

I experienced a family that chose to “keep secrets” rather than face reality. As we know, most often those secrets are exposed. When they are, the emotional pain is far greater than the truth. At age 17 when I learned of my mother’s adulterous affair with my paternal uncle, my father chose to beat me for informing him I learned the truth. The revelation didn’t negate reality. Yet the extreme physical abuse added another layer of sorrow.

Such incidents implored me to never keep secrets. The movie was a God hug in reminding me secrets can bring much desolation to a family. Luke 12:2 NIV, “There is nothing concealed that will not be disclosed or hidden that will not be made known.”

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