To Grandma’s House We Go…Part One

Some of you reading this will recall when Thanksgiving day was not only a day of gluttony, but a “family time”; perhaps like the old song published in the 19th century; “over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house we go…” Many did then and still do go to Grandma’s, but often instead of the turkey baking in the oven, the male chef is outdoors frying or smoking a turkey. In lieu of traditional dressing, folks are bringing “gluten free whatever.” In place of homemade pumpkin, pecan or favorite fruit pies, there are “light, low calorie” desserts on the table.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade may be replaced with eyes staring at ipads or flying fingers texting on cell phones. If the television is on, it is “noise only” as no one is paying attention to the beautiful floats which took hundreds of hours to design and construct. The yard is adorned with Christmas lights and decorations while pumpkins greet guests at the door. Inside beside the roaring fire, the Christmas tree glistens with its’ twinkling lights and shiny bobbles. Is it Thanksgiving or merely an “early Christmas gathering?”

For decades the family feast was followed with the men in their recliners or favorite “spots” enjoying football games while the women cleaned the kitchen and chattered about the upcoming Christmas season, the gifts they had purchased and those yet to buy or perhaps make, the holiday baking and sharing of recipes. The children quite often were playing board or card games or if weather permitted, outdoors playing tag, hopscotch or jumping rope.

Now many families “dash out” the door, leaving the kitchen in shambles while they race to “black Friday sales” where pushing and shoving know no limits. The children may be left alone, as they head off to their rooms with their own televisions, computers, ipads and the other latest “techie device.”  If in the care of  “the men”, Moms are trusting the children didn’t eat the remainder of the desserts or run outdoors without their coats or worse yet, head off on scooters and bicycles forgetting their helmets.  While the men shout with joy over the latest touchdown, as long as there are no cries or screams from the children, then all is well. TO BE CONTINUED:  I Cor. 13:13 NKJ, “And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

2 thoughts on “To Grandma’s House We Go…Part One

  1. This sounds all too true!!!! Well, I still have my Thanksgiving decorations!!! Along with all the Turkeys!!! And now I am the Grandmother!!!! Thanks for sharing

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