God’s Tarmac

Have you ever had those times in your life when it seems you were bombarded with the same information? If you were praying about something, did you feel this was God’s way of validating He heard you, or do you feel it was merely “happenstance?” Each of us perceive such circumstances in our own way.

For me personally, such times are an authentication that God heard me. Certainly, the messages, devotions, songs, etc. were not spoken nor written for me, but I choose to receive them as gifts that God knows my heart. I thank many of you whom are faithful readers of my blog and have heard “my tears” from my heartaches. You often send words of encouragement and/or even post wonderful reminders on Facebook that you are praying for and with me.

Again, last Sunday, the pastor’s message was on “waiting.” I’ve shared this in my post several times as waiting can seem like an eternity. As children we wait to “grow up” so we can be our “boss.” Then we wait to graduate from college and begin a career. We wait to find the “one” to spend our life with. We wait to purchase a home and begin a family.

If we stop to analyze our lives, it seems it is one gigantic “wait.” However, for most of us the most difficult time to be in a “holding pattern” is when God has us on His tarmac. We can’t move! We are just waiting for the signal to “take off.” How we all dread sitting in the plane waiting. Then with all the regulations that you can’t do this or that, it often feels like you are losing valuable time. For these past seven years, I’ve felt as though I was sitting on the runway, losing valuable time. Time to get on with my life, time to move from my house I can’t sell, time that I don’t have friends I have prayed for. The list goes on and on. God is at the controls. He has said “no, you can’t leave yet.”

I know someday God will take say, “you can take off now.” I have also accepted it may never be while on this earth. Yet, if I don’t keep the faith that God will take me out of this difficult time, then I would lose all hope. My faith is what has enabled me to keep on the path.

Even the message a week ago reminded us God never reveals His plan until it will glorify Him.  I know this is the reason many of us are on God’s tarmac.  We can’t change it. No amount of whining or complaining will remove us even one second earlier.  While I’m waiting and diligently praying, thank you to each of you for your kind words and reminders there is truly a purpose in all of this.  Psalm 27:14 NKJ, “Wait on the Lord; Be of good courage, And He shall strengthen your heart; Wait, I say, on the Lord.”

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