What’s Your Pleasure?

Webster defines pleasure as, “a feeling of happy satisfaction and enjoyment.” I think for most persons while doing and giving to others they experience pleasure. They realize by “doing” and not merely “giving”, they give a gift which money can’t procure. There are many ways to give intangible gifts, yet they may be felt tangibly.

Yesterday as I arrived at one of my favorite volunteer positions, I arrived with an extremely heavy heart possessing my personal despair, yet also realizing that when giving to others, my burdens subside.  Each week before I arrive, I ask God to send me persons He desires me to reach with His words and love.

I believed I was there to give, yet it was I that received. One of the clients I met with was experiencing exceptionally difficult trials. When I queried if I could hug her, not only did she accept, but she returned the hug with more fervor than I’ve ever sensed. Her sobs were returned with my own warm tears. My heart was breaking for her.  We conversed for as long as her heart desired. I also gave her resources for additional emotional support and understanding.

She was one of several “gifts” God granted me yesterday. There was yet another lady whom also sought not only the monetary assistance of our faith-based organization, but  the gift of understanding. When she sat down to converse with me, as with the other client, I was saddened for her.  She noted she has become weary of those not discerning her anguish. As a young mother she recently lost a teen daughter. I “heard” her words of sorrow about others giving her patronizing chatter. No, I can’t understand losing a teen child, but I sincerely empathize with her grief.

Acknowledging another’s mourning whether similar to ours or different is one of the greatest gifts we can give. Acts 20:35 NKJ “…And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.”

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