White Trash

As I drove behind a newer model, attractive van yesterday, I was taken aback by the license tag; Whttrsh.  Why would anyone use these letters for the words “white trash “on their vehicle? Was there a meaning I knew nothing about? I was saddened when I read that, for I was unsure of the person (s) whom chose that. Did they feel inferior to others? Did they feel they were refuse which was to be discarded? Was it a joke?

Do we portray persons we are not? Do we give the impression we are lesser people than God created us to be or do we appear to be greater than what God desires us to be? Years ago, while attending seminary, I was perceived as a person I was not. I was viewed as wealthy and aloof. When I leaned of this, I was distressed. I was reared in a poor home on government commodities to abusive parents. My self-esteem had been so destroyed I could barely utter my name without feeling inferior.

It appeared my wardrobe presented an erroneous image of the person I was. At age 10, while in the local 4-H club, I learned the aptitude of sewing.  God enabled me to develop that talent to become a very competent and skilled seamstress; winning first place annually in our sewing competitions. From the age of 14 through much of my adult life, this gift allowed me to develop a customer clientele for lined wool suits, wedding dresses and dozens of custom designed ensembles. When I arrived at seminary my wardrobe consisted solely of garments made with my hands. God provided the finances for my college expenses and the fabrics to make these outfits, from my first job at 25 cents an hour to cleaning houses and babysitting while in college.

How could anyone think the shy and emotionally beaten teen from a poor family was one of wealth? I didn’t deliberately portray something I was not. I believed presenting my best image of the person God created me to be was what He desired of me. Therefore, when I read the tag that someone touted, they were “white trash”, I felt melancholy. As God’s children we should be grateful for the persons He created us to be. No matter our status, our race, our socio/economic background, we are persons to be cherished and loved. Matt: 5:48 NKJ, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.”

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