Cherishing Our Family

How could anyone desire more? Hearing, inspirational words from Chuck Swindoll and his team on cherishing our family, meeting dozens of other Christians and hopefully making friendships to last a lifetime, viewing God’s majestic handiwork, but most of all making beautiful and treasured memories with my daughter have filled my blessing basket to abundance and overflowing.

I had never been on a cruise, but chose to go on this one, as it was Chuck’s 40th anniversary of Insight For Living and having been a member of his church on two separate occasions, I knew this would be an opportunity I didn’t desire to miss. I also knew there was no one I would rather share these memories with than my beautiful daughter. Words are inadequate to describe all which transpired over the 10 days I was gone. I can only say “thank you God.”  Andrea and I had never been on a trip together and this was also a “first” for each of us with the cruise. It was far more than either of us expected, so that too was a joy immeasurable.

As Andrea and I shared often during the trip, it would not have been as memorable had we not shared it with the other 848+ travelers whom were there for Chuck’s tour. As with many things in life, there was a week of “emotional and inspirational highs”, but reality returned.  As Chuck shared on our last night of the trip, we can’t spend our lives being waited on as we were for the week aboard the cruise. Nonetheless, what an elation to return home, knowing that all the words we heard and hymns we sung are reminders that God is with us for our every need in every situation.

I depart in the morning for a month-long volunteer commitment. I will share as much of my voyage with you as possible; not disclosing my locale until the conclusion of my journey. Years ago, I promised God for as long as He gives me the stamina and abilities to do His work, I will. No matter what we do or where we go, we are always witnesses for Him. When others know we are God’s children, we can choose to be shining lights or impediments.  Matt. 5:16 (NKJ), “let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good words and glorify your Father in heaven.”

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