The Gift of Support

Dear Blog Followers, I’m deviating from my continuation of respect today to tell of a blessing. I’ve shared that I do much volunteer work, not only to give back, but to take the focus off my own disappointments and sorrow and place it upon others whom have greater needs than mine.

Today was a wonderful gift of support. I volunteer in a faith-based organization helping those in need. We pray with anyone whom desires prayer and support. One precious lady was filled with God’s love, as she noted she never looks back in her life, only forward. I told her I need to heed her advice as I’ve been looking back after my ex-husband of 44 years left me and began an affair. I said I’ve looked behind, asking “what could I have done differently,  why he never loved me (since he informed me he didn’t love me for most of our 44 year marriage) and how I could have known what was happening so I didn’t have to endure such despair?

Her kindness touched my heart as she took my hands in hers and asked to pray for me; that God would bring me a new man, a man to love me as I had loved my husband. Tears filled my eyes. I have prayed this for the past several years, as I’ve remained alone on my life’s path.  I walked into the organization today to encourage others, but I was the one today whom was inspired.

You never know when you can be that “light to another.” We don’t have to be wealthy to bestow great riches to another.  Eph. 4:32 NIV, “Be kind and compassionate to one another…”

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