Which Pain Is Greater?

Yesterday I shared about empathy as a gift to others. It is my belief when a person endures a deep emotional and/or physical heartache there is no greater need than to be supported and understood. When persons are physically injured, people see it and realize they are enduring much physical pain.

When a person’s pain is emotional, one may not understand their depth of agony is as great as the person suffering from physically injuries.  If you don’t understand, withholding judgement and/or condemnation toward the unseen affliction is a gift. Certainly, there are situations when someone(s) can rectify the problem. In other circumstances only God can heal the wound. Kindness and compassion during such difficult times are some of the greatest gifts.

Some suffer from wounds so tremendous they will never be completely healed. Certainly, if the affliction is minor enough, in time the anguish will heal. Others are so unfathomable and the duration of life so brief, there is no time for healing. These are the impairments which only God can mend.

However, your words of compassion can do much for the broken hearted. The cliché of “if you can’t say something positive, say nothing at all” is imperative for the one whom is hurting. Proverbs 16:24 NLT Kind words are like honey-sweet to the soul and healthy for the body

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