Grateful Through The Tears

As many of you readers know, I began a book years ago on gratitude and blessings, but it was never completed.  The knowledge which I gained less than a year ago whirled me into a very difficult time of my life. As a result, this blog and gratefulness became a reality.  Because I’m God’s child I desire to keep a smile on my face and a song in my heart, even when I feel as though my life is filled with more sorrow than I can bear.  I knew I must not allow the realization that my husband of 44 years left me 7 years ago and began an affair while I was his wife to diminish that joy.

The abandonment of the marriage was devastating, but more so was comprehending his lack of integrity to tell me why he was leaving me; keeping the knowledge of his mistress from me for over 6 years. Even though emotionally painful, I’m grateful to this day for learning the truth. It’s unfortunate it wasn’t from my ex, but from a casual source. Because I have never accepted “hearsay” as truth, my ex was more than eager to share, “yes, he began an affair, because for most of our 44 year marriage I was not the wife he desired.” Oh I could fill pages about the revelation.

However, I thank God daily for the people He has placed in my life these past 11 months whom have been an encouragement. The scar will remain forever due to the longevity of the marriage and my stage of life. Yet, each day, even though many with tears in my eyes, I can still be grateful for one of my favorite verses, KJV I Thess. 5:18  “In every thing give thanks…”

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