Do You Know Me?

Yesterday, As I sat in a room filled with persons I had never met, I was there at the invitation of a friend for a fundraiser event. The purpose was to increase awareness and raise funds for a local Christian seminary.

I thought of the countless times during my life I had attended such events. Some of those attended, I knew only one other person, sometimes I knew several people, others I have attended alone without knowing anyone, but realizing the occasion was worthwhile. In each situation, there was a rationale for my attendance. I was either invited as happened yesterday or I attended because I believed in the cause.

Have your ever considered what it would be like if suddenly you were uprooted from you home and family and placed among complete strangers without a commonality or a purpose? Everyday this happens to hundreds if not thousands of individuals. They are removed from all they knew and are familiar with to be placed in a care facility, foster home, shelter, etc.

If God has given you the gift of compassion, perhaps you could consider reaching out to those persons whom are in a room filled with strangers. NIV Philippians 2:4 “ not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

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